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Date of Event Sale-Maffra Cricket Association: Thu Jul 13, 2006 2:42PM

The SMCA Annual general Meeting was held on Tuesday 11th July 2006.

All clubs were in attendance.  President Wayne Collins, Secretary John McLaverty and Treasurer David Anderson were all returned unopposed.  Three nominations were received for the two Vice-Presidents positions but John MacLeod withdrew his nomination just prior to the meeting avoiding the need for a ballot.  Vice-Presidents are Ian Wrigglesworth and Neil Purdy.

The committee will be made up of, Greg Wrigglesworth, John MacLeod, Dave Gray Peter Lambie and Mitch Van Ekeren.  One position remained vacant at the close of the meeting but already two expressions of interest have been lodged in respect of the last position available.  Further expressions of interest can be lodged with the President or Secretary up to 25th July.  The position is being treated as a casal vacancy and the appointment will be made by the elected committee at its 1st meeting in 2 weeks time.

As is customary, the new Chairman of the Junior sub-committee, John Scott will take up an ex-officio position on the committee.  The SMJC also has a new Executive officer (Secretary) in Paul Bourke, already a life member of the SMJCA in recognition of previous service to that group.

The SMCA executive thanks members from it's 2005/06 committee who did not seek re-election for their contribution to the governance of the Association.  Ken Bailey, Cameron Waring, Layton Armstrong, Steve Laws and Allan Morrison are all retiring members.

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Author: David Anderson