Presentation night awards
Date of Event Sale-Maffra Cricket Association: Sun Mar 29, 2009 9:13AM

Stuart Anderson (16 votes) has been named Cricketer of the Year after a narrow win over Ian Wrigglesworth (15).  Next best was Dylan Bolton on 10.   The team of the season was also named, traditionally headed up by the Cricketer of the Year.

The other member of the team are ...
Batsmen - Adrian Burgiel (563 runs), Stephen Noble (380), Chris Aurisch (312), Alan Campbell (308) and Nathan Massey (300).  
Bowlers - Ian Wrigglesworth (31 wkts), Stephen Parry (28), Dylan Bolton (28), Luke Henderson (26) and Nathan Magnuson (22). 
The wicket-keeper is Brett Lanigan (20 dismissals).

Lanigan qualifies as an allrounder having also scored 391 runs during the season as well as making his 20 dismissals.  Wrigglesworth qualifies as a bowling all-rounder having scored 470 runs in addition to his 31 wickets.  Anderson would also be similarly qualified as an all-rounder, having scored 326 runs and taken 23 wickets.

Ian Wrigglesworth also won the batting average [The Don Mynard medal] while Luke Henderson won the Allan Evans Medal for the best bowling average.

Other grades.
2nd Grade
Batting ave - Daniel Bedggood (Bundalaguah)
Bowling ave - Peter Berryman (Heyfield)
3rd Grade. 
Batting ave - Alan Robinson (Nambrok)
Bowling ave - Wayne Gray (Bundalaguah) 
4th Grade.
Batting ave - Ian Freshwater (Rosedale-Kilmany)
Bowling ave - Tomas Pritchett (Stradbroke)
Under 16.
Batting ave - Bradley Scott (Rosedale-Kilmany)
Bowling ave - Jarryd Floyd (Sale City)
Under 14
Batting ave -  Matthew Mitchell (Sale City)
Bowling ave - Lachlan Channing (Stratford)

Jack Abel Trophy - SMCA Club Championship
1st - Collegians - 540 points
2nd - Maffra - 486  
3rd - Bundalaguah - 481
4th - Stratford - 459 
5th - Heyfield - 334 

Gippsland Cricket League
Batting -  Adrian Burgiel
Bowling - Luke Henderson

Under 18 
Batting - Timothy Bourke
Bowling - Daniel Saunders 
Under 16
Batting - Christopher Smart
Bowling - Ben May

Gippsland Junior Country Week
Under 15
Batting - Josh Benson
Bowling - Mitchell Bennett
Under 14
Batting - Matthew Mitchell
Bowling - Brenton Rees

Melbourne Country Week
Batting [Ern Steer Trophy] - Ian Cockbain
Bowling [John Findlay Trophy] - Jason Morrison
Most Valuable Player [Benson-Wrigglesworth Trophy] - Ian Cockbain

Man of the Match in Grand Finals
1st Grade - Ben Durrant (Maffra)
2nd Grade - Daniel Bedggood (Bundalaguah)
3rd Grade - Ross McMillan (Nambrok) 
4th Grade - Anthony Day (Bundalaguah) 
Under 16 -
Under 14A -
Under 14B -

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Author: David Anderson