SMCA looking for lost records.
Date of Event Sale-Maffra Cricket Association: Sat Jul 7, 2007 5:20PM

The Sale Maffra Cricket Association is looking for lost records in order to complete several historical research projects.   Committee minute books, representative team scorebooks and the like are being sought.  Approximately 45% of all senior representative matches (Country Week & GCL) are not accounted for in the scorebooks we have on hand.  A further 10% (approx) have been recovered from newspaper research but still a full one-third of all matches cannot be accounted for.  The books have more than likely been taken by the administrators of the day for safe keeping as the SMCA has not until recent years had a "home" where such items could be safely stored but that is no longer the case and items can now be returned in the knowledge that they will be kept in a safe place.

David Anderson, (SMCA statistician) has embarked upon a "Cap Number" project to ascertain all players who have played senior representative cricket for the SMCA and the order of those appearances which will allow for cap numbers to be accurately credited back to 1950.  The first 25 caps (confirmed) have been added to the SMCA internet records with a total of more than 350 players having been identified but with the order yet to be confirmed.  The number of scorebooks missing could mean as many as an additional 60 - 70 players have not yet been discovered.

Anyone who has possession of any records that they feel should be returned to the SMCA can contact David Anderson on 03 5144 4952 (AH)


Last updated: Sunday May 21, 2023 9:13PM
Author: David Anderson