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Batting Partnerships

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1150 Oliver Cantwell - Matthew Woodward Sale Cricket Club 3rd Grade5 1 Rosedale-Kilmany
2172 Zachary Knight - Nick Fowler Bundalaguah Cricket Club 3rd Grade11 1 Stradbroke
3129 Jake Rietschel - Ethan Albrecht Stratford Cricket Club 2nd Grade4 1 Wurruk
4139 Archy Sellings - Ryan Gellie Maffra Cricket Club 3rd Grade12 1 Collegians
5130 Lee Hopkins - Grant Thornton Maffra Cricket Club 1st Grade5 1 Collegians
6136 Stuart Anderson - Nathan King Collegians Cricket Club 3rd Grade10 1 Nambrok
788 Ben King - Greg Tomamichel Heyfield Cricket Club 4th Grade11 1 Bundalaguah
895 Owen Drummond - Brandon Hill Rosedale-Kilmany Cricket Club 3rd Grade11 1 Nambrok
965 Jason Devisser - Don Veale Bundalaguah Cricket Club 4th Grade10 1 Boisdale-Briagolong
1096 James Woodward - Joseph Ziino Sale Cricket Club 2nd Grade5 1 Boisdale-Briagolong

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