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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClub1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade4th GradeUnder 16Under 14Under 12SMJC Under 11 T20 BlastUnder 14 (2)1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade4th GradeUnder 16Under 14Under 12SMJC Under 11 T20 BlastUnder 14 (2)
Abercrombie, DavidStradbroke Cricket Club 000400000000400000
Abrahall, GeoffBundalaguah Cricket Club 000700000000700000
Adam, XavierCollegians Cricket Club 000000200000000200
Adams, NathanBundalaguah Cricket Club 000000700000000700
Ahern, DelwynLongford Cricket Club (LCC)002100000002100000
Ahern, Delwyn LLongford Cricket Club (LCC)000100000000100000
Albrecht, EthanStratford Cricket Club 510000000510000000
Alcock, Craig ARosedale-Kilmany Cricket Club 300000000300000000
Allan, PeterBoisdale-Briagolong Cricket Club 000400000000400000
Allison, JaydenCollegians Cricket Club 700000000700000000
Allman, JustinHeyfield Cricket Club 000500000000500000
Allman, MatthewMaffra Cricket Club 000700000000700000
Allman, Tom JMaffra Cricket Club 003100000003100000
Amott, RileyMaffra Cricket Club 000000700000000700
Anderson, CharlieCollegians Cricket Club 000700000000700000
Anderson, DavidStradbroke Cricket Club 000500000000500000
Anderson, Drew wStradbroke Cricket Club 000500000000500000
Anderson, HamishBundalaguah Cricket Club 024160000024160000
Anderson, HolleeStradbroke Cricket Club 000500000000500000
Anderson, JakeStradbroke Cricket Club 000500000000500000
********Heyfield Cricket Club 000140000000140000
Anderson, Nicholas BCollegians Cricket Club 000600000000600000
Anderson, Sam XCollegians Cricket Club 052060000052060000
Anderson, ScottHeyfield Cricket Club 000100000000100000
Anderson, Stuart DCollegians Cricket Club 700000000700000000
Anderson, Tony MBundalaguah Cricket Club 000700000000700000
Ankers, TroyLongford Cricket Club (LCC)001300000001300000
Anlezark, AustinBoisdale-Briagolong Cricket Club 330060000330060000
Annear, Jackson WBoisdale-Briagolong Cricket Club 000360000000360000
Annear, Mason JBoisdale-Briagolong Cricket Club 060060000060060000
Anstee, JazzStratford Cricket Club 000000006000000006
Anstee, Sam DStratford Cricket Club 700000000700000000
Aponso, ErandaBundalaguah Cricket Club 160000000160000000
Appleby, ChristopherLongford Cricket Club (LCC)000000006000000006
Arbuthnot, KevinSale Cricket Club 042000000042000000
Armstrong, JackLongford Cricket Club (LCC)000000601000000601
Armstrong, TonyLongford Cricket Club (LCC)000100000000100000
Aurisch, AddisonBundalaguah Cricket Club 000000700000000700
Aurisch, BlakeStratford Cricket Club 000000006000000006
Aurisch, ChrisStratford Cricket Club 300000000300000000
Aurisch, EthanStratford Cricket Club 160000000160000000
Aurisch, HunterBundalaguah Cricket Club 000000500000000500
Aurisch, Rodney JBundalaguah Cricket Club 004000000004000000
Austin, ThomasMaffra Cricket Club 023000000023000000
Bailey , JobeMaffra Cricket Club 000000600000000600
Bailey, BrendanBundalaguah Cricket Club 001000000001000000
Bailey, CooperMaffra Cricket Club 700000000700000000
Bailey, KenBundalaguah Cricket Club 000500000000500000
Baird, IanLongford Cricket Club (LCC)001000000001000000
Baird, LachlanStradbroke Cricket Club 000200000000200000