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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClub1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade4th GradeUnder 16Under 14Under 125th GradeSPORTING LEGENDS - 20 / 20 Cricket League - Div 1SMJC Under 11 T20 BlastTown v Country seriesSaputo Womens Mid Week T201st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade4th GradeUnder 16Under 14Under 125th GradeSPORTING LEGENDS - 20 / 20 Cricket League - Div 1SMJC Under 11 T20 BlastTown v Country seriesSaputo Womens Mid Week T20
Cassidy, Michael JBoisdale-Briagolong Cricket Club 006000000000006000000000
Abrahall, GeoffBundalaguah Cricket Club 00018000000000001800000000
Adam, LeeCollegians Cricket Club 000700000000000700000000
Adam, XavierCollegians Cricket Club 00070120000000007012000000
Adams, LukeNambrok Cricket Club 00180000000000018000000000
Ahern, Delwyn LLongford Cricket Club (LCC)00020000000160002000000016
Albrecht, EthanStratford Cricket Club 22200000040002220000004000
Albrecht, KymStratford Cricket Club 00000000000140000000000014
Albrecht, PaytonStratford Cricket Club 000000000008000000000008
Alexander, MarkLongford Cricket Club (LCC)00013000000000001300000000
Allman, AbiCollegians Cricket Club 00000000000150000000000015
Allman, JaiMaffra Cricket Club 800000000000800000000000
Allman, KateCollegians Cricket Club 000000000001000000000001
Allman, MatthewMaffra Cricket Club 004600000000004600000000
Allred, RayStratford Cricket Club 00016000000000001600000000
Amiet, KayneHeyfield Cricket Club 00180000000000018000000000
Anderson, CharlieCollegians Cricket Club 002000000000002000000000
Anderson, DavidMaffra Cricket Club 00250000000000025000000000
Anderson, HamishBundalaguah Cricket Club 16300000020001630000002000
Anderson, Henry JCollegians Cricket Club 27000000030002700000003000
Anderson, HolleeBundalaguah Cricket Club 00000000000160000000000016
Anderson, Jake AMaffra Cricket Club 12300000020001230000002000
Anderson, Nicholas BCollegians Cricket Club 093000000000093000000000
Anderson, Sam WCollegians Cricket Club 070010004000070010004000
Anderson, ShaunaBundalaguah Cricket Club 00000000000120000000000012
Anderson, Stuart DCollegians Cricket Club 24000000010002400000001000
Anderson, Tony MBundalaguah Cricket Club 00018000000000001800000000
Andrews, Aiden JCollegians Cricket Club 00170000000000017000000000
Ankers, TroyLongford Cricket Club (LCC)006800000000006800000000
Anlezark, AustinBoisdale-Briagolong Cricket Club 100000002000100000002000
Annear, Jackson WBoisdale-Briagolong Cricket Club 00160000010000016000001000
Annear, Jackson WBundalaguah Cricket Club 00001700000000000170000000
Annear, Mason JBoisdale-Briagolong Cricket Club 200000001000200000001000
Anstee, DanielleCollegians Cricket Club 000000000002000000000002
Anstee, JazzCollegians Cricket Club 00002000000140000200000014
Anstee, Sam DStratford Cricket Club 17020000010001702000001000
Aponso, ErandaBundalaguah Cricket Club 91400000020009140000002000
Arbuthnot, KevinSale Cricket Club 01110000000000111000000000
Armstrong, JackLongford Cricket Club (LCC)00268100000000026810000000
Armstrong, TonyLongford Cricket Club (LCC)000100000000000100000000
Ashley, TomHeyfield Cricket Club 00012000000000001200000000
Atkinson, ShaneBoisdale-Briagolong Cricket Club 00100000000000010000000000
Atlee, RileyRosedale-Kilmany Cricket Club 000100000000000100000000
Aurisch, ChrisStratford Cricket Club 24000000000002400000000000
Bailey, BrendanBundalaguah Cricket Club 00190000000000019000000000
Bailey, KenBundalaguah Cricket Club 340100000000340100000000
Baird, IanBundalaguah Cricket Club 020100000000020100000000
Baker, JaydenWurruk Cricket Club 000000000010000000000010
Bakulapalli, KarthikNambrok Cricket Club 00190000000000019000000000
Bannak Ralalage, Kanishka DBundalaguah Cricket Club 31120000000003112000000000